Eddie Willing To Sell His Soul To Bobby For $100

Elon Musk's partner and musician Grimes is debuting her first fine art show in simultaneous online exhibitions via places in Los Angeles.

She is selling drawings, prints, photographs, and conceptual pieces she's made over the last decade. However, one of the pieces of work is a legal document where the purchaser acquires a percentage of Grime's soul. She said she didn't want anyone to buy it, so she made the price $10 million. Then decided with the current state of the world that she didn't want to put something up for that high of a price. So ultimately she settled on the price of "best offer," leaving it up to the public to decide her worth.

In discussing this story, Bobby Bones asked Eddie if he'd be willing to sell his soul for any amount of money. Eddie said definitely because really it would be free money since his soul wouldn't ever actually leave his body.

So now Bones is drafting up legal documents to purchase Eddie's soul for $100.

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