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Eddie Teaching His Son Something the Show Finds Controversial

Eddie's parenting choices were discussed on two different occasions during The Bobby Bones Show today (March 31) and they both involved food.

First Eddie revealed that he's been teaching his kids the value of money when it comes to ordering fast food. If his kids don't want to eat at home and they really want to eat at Sonic, then they have to pay for the food themselves. His kids quickly realized that the things they want cost more money than they are willing to spend. Ever since he started doing that, his kids don't want to eat out at fast food restaurants as much.

Then another situation was shared about Eddie and one of his sons. They were having shakes and his son drank half of his shake when he admitted to Eddie that he was trying really hard to enjoy the shake, but it just tasted bad. Eddie told him that because he was unsatisfied with the shake, he could ask for a different one. The waitress helped Eddie's son out and got him a new shake. Bobby, Amy, and Morgan all disagreed with Eddie on doing this. They all believe that you can only return a food item if there is something in it or it's not the correct order. But sending food back because it's unsatisfactory or like Amy said "didn't hit the spot" isn't something anyone should do. Lunchbox agreed with Eddie that being satisfactory is a requirement whenever he does anything that's a service. Lunchbox said he's done it with movie theaters with a movie he didn't like, he's gone and asked for a ticket refund half way through the movie.

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