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Eddie’s Uber Driver Drove Him to the Wrong Side of Town, Promised Him Check

Eddie recently took an Uber from the airport to his house and he dealt with quite the situation.

The driver was going the opposite direction of Eddie's house. Eddie pointed it out, but the driver assured Eddie the GPS had it all covered. About 10 minutes in, Eddie pointed out again that he was going the wrong way. The Uber driver felt terrible and said it looked like the same address and same neighborhood on the opposite side of town. He then turned around and drove to Eddie's house. So the Uber that was supposed to take 20 minutes ended up taking an hour, and the price went from $25 to $56.

When they arrived at Eddie's house, the driver said he was going to note it with Uber but sometimes they take forever. So he took a picture of Eddie's address and said he's going to mail a check to him. The Bobby Bones Show thinks Eddie won't ever see a check from the Uber driver, but Eddie is hopeful he was serious.