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Eddie Made His Son Eat Blackberries Out Of Trashcan

Eddie has been trying to teach his kids not to waste food. He started a rule in his house that his kids have to serve their own food on their plates, so they get to decide how much food they want, but whatever they serve they must eat.  

The other night for dinner they were having lasagna with some broccoli and blackberries. Eddie noticed one of his sons was not eating the blackberries they served themselves. His son then walked to the trash and threw his plate away with five blackberries still on there. Eddie called him out for not following the rule and made him get the five blackberries out of the trash and eat them. It took him an hour to eat them all because he’s a bit of a germaphobe. Eddie let him wash them but still knew it would be hard for him to eat. He’s not sure if this makes him a good or bad parent.