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Doctor Stops By Studio To Help Eddie With Hand Numbing Issue

Eddie has been dealing with a medical problem and he needs help diagnosing it!  

For the last three weeks, every time he wakes up, his hands are numb, which means his hands have probably been numb all night. It does not matter what time he wakes up; they are still numb, and it takes about two minutes for him to start feeling his hand again. He starts the night with his hands under his pillow, but by the time he wakes up he is on his back. He’s worried that maybe his blood pressure is so low that he is not getting blood to his hands. Lunchbox thinks he might be having a slow stroke from a blockage. Amy’s diagnoses was that it might be carpal tunnel because he does a lot of work with his hands like typing and playing guitar. Bobby Bones thinks he has a nerve in both hands that are compressed and making them numb.

The Bobby Bones Show put a call out to any chiropractors or physical therapists in the area to come up to the studio live to help Eddie. Dr. Bradshaw called in to say he could stop by and then he showed up to the studio. He gave the show a lot of information about his practice and how people are impacted daily by working on their computers. He believes Eddie's hand numbing problem is related to how he sleeps, most likely his hands are all curled up causing some temporary numbness in the mornings. So he suggested Eddie wear a brace while he's sleeping to avoid doing that with his hands and he will likely not deal with the issue anymore.