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Show Building Home For Hero USAF Technical Sergeant Daniel Beesting

For the eighth year, The Bobby Bones Show is surprising a recipient for Building Homes for Heroes and launching a new #PIMPINJOY Campaign this week for a hero. We called USAF Technical Sergeant Daniel Beesting to surprise him with the news that the money we raise will go towards Building Homes For Heroes to build him a home. 

Beesting and his wife live in Rotonda West, Florida and Building Homes for Heroes previously gifted them a mortgage free home that had been a foreclosure that the bank had donated. They lived in the home for nine years, but then Hurricane Ian hit their area and they sat in the eye of the storm for 10 hours, which caused a mass amount of damage to their house. The roof failed and let water in and when they pulled up the flooring, they found they had cracks in the foundation and walls. It became unlivable and the cost to fix the damage is more than just tearing down the house.  

Beesting served for nine and a half years. He signed up to join the military in October 2001 to leave in February 2002. He did basic training in San Antonio, Texas for the Air Force and from there went to technical training in Biloxi, Mississippi and he worked in Communications Maintenance. He was there for eight months, and his first duty station was in Fairbanks, Alaska. From there, he was sent to Iraq for a couple of months. He explained that while there, they were under constant rocket fire and would need to shelter in bunkers. His job at the time was to hunker down until it was over and then fix the items that were destroyed. He was constantly in a state of flight or fight mode but got used to it over time.  

A few years after he came home, he started struggling with PTSD. His wife explained that they were living on a base at the time and when alarms would go off or a car would backfire, he would think they were under attack and take his family to hide under the table. She’d explain to him that he’s home and safe. They were able to deal with it until they moved to another base in Las Vegas and had their third child. That’s when his PTSD, depression and anxiety really started to kick in. Along with mental health struggles, Beesting also dealt with health concerns from breathing in oil and fire pits in Iraq. He also broke his spine while living in Alaska and has had to have multiple foot surgeries.  

To repay Beesting for his service, The Bobby Bones Show has a goal to build him a house through Building Homes For Heroes. 100% of any clothing item (All #PIMPINJOY options) on this page will go towards helping the hero. The new items are on sale now!