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Kevin Costner Opens Up About Leaving Yellowstone

Kevin Costner joined The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new movie, Horizon: An American Saga, open up about leaving Yellowstone and more!  

Costner describes his new movie, Horizon: An American Saga, as a journey. He shared if you’re looking for a plot, there isn’t one. It’s a story about families, friends and foes discovering the lure of the Old West as the Civil War divides the country. It builds throughout the movie and is a mystery and compared it to a novel, slow in the beginning but suddenly picks up fast. Although it’s not based on a true story, the common themes that are portrayed throughout the movie; dealing with bullies, being in love, raising children – are experiences that have happened to millions of people. He shared that the one thing that continually emerges throughout the movie is how strong women are. He promises viewers will be transfixed with scenes.  

Costner invested a significant amount of his own money into this film. It’s not the first time he’s done it, but this project was extremely personal for him. He shared that he does not like to do things like most people and that’s why he created this huge movie with so many different story lines. There are four parts to the movie, with the second chapter coming out on August 16th. He revealed that the idea of the second movie is that everything gets harder for the characters you’ll meet in the first movie. He really wants their storylines to sink in and does not want it to be viewed as a dreary movie because there are exciting things happening. Costner directs and acts in the movie and said he has his own style when creating a film. He thinks that even though the movie is rated R, parents will take their children to see it so they can know what their great great grandparents went through. He first had the idea for this movie in 1988 and named his son, Haze, after the lead character. It took him over 30 years for the movie to be made but he never gave up on it because he saw its value. He’s currently in the middle of making the third chapter of the film where he said things really start to explode!  

Costner asked why he was not returning to Yellowstone. He shared that he was hoping he could continue to do it because he really enjoyed the show, but in the end, he wanted to work more than once a year and he wasn’t able to do that while on the show. He only made the decision three days before the announcement and revealed that if something changes dramatically, he’d be open to coming back, but he’s done with the show for now.  

Horizon: An American Saga, is in theaters now!