US National Anthem Played on iHeartMedia Radio Stations in Moment of Unity

It's a difficult time for our nation, as well as the rest of the world, as society faces Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its many rippling effects. But in a moment of unity, on Monday, March 23rd, iHeartMedia played America's National Anthem sung by artists including Whitney Houston, Jimi Hendrix and Zac Brown Band in tribute to Americans, everyone affected by COVID-19, all of the first responders and health professionals on the frontlines and so many others who are risking their lives daily.

CEO of iHeartMedia, Bob Pittman, explained in a statement:

"Right now at this moment, we want to bring all Americans together to demonstrate the incredible power, resilience and compassion of our nation. We invite you to come together as one as we play our national Anthem across all of our 850 radio stations from coast to coast. It's a tribute to every American, every family, every first responder, and every frontline health professional who is risking their life to keep us safe. We want to encourage the millions who listen to our radio stations every day to join together virtually, in song. We send our heartfelt thoughts, concerns, and support to all families who may need it as one people, one country. We'll get through this together."

Across radio stations all over the country, at the same time, Whitney Houston's famous version of "The Star-Spangled Banner" recorded and released during the Gulf War in 1991 (and performed at the Super Bowl that year), Jimi Hendrix's famous guitar version of the National Anthem performed at Woodstock 1969, as well as Zac Brown Band's performance of the patriotic tune could be heard to bring America together. Relive these performances below.

Photo: Getty Images

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