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George Birge Reacts to First Number 1 Song on Country Radio

George Birge stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share how he’s feeling about getting his first number one hit song, perform and more!  

Two years ago, Birge was posting himself doing cover songs on Instagram when he got a message from Bobby Bones asking him to come on the show. Fast forward two years later, Birge is back on The Bobby Bones Show celebrating his song “Mind On You,” becoming his first number one! 

For Birge, it’s a moment he dreamed about for so long, it almost felt like it would never happen. He wrote “Mind On You” about his wife and the early days of their relationship where he said he became “obsessed” with her and couldn’t stop thinking about her. They started dating when they were freshman in college and after their senior year he proposed. He spent years chasing his music dreams and played empty bars, just waiting for that big break. He started to feel like it was never going to happen and just when he was about to give up, he tried one last effort and decided to fully be himself and it ended up working. Before that, when he got to Nashville, he saw what was working for other artists, so he tried to make himself like them as much as possible, but it led him nowhere. Once he decided to fully be himself with his music and tune the rest of the world out, that’s when he found success.  

Birge said with the success he’s having now he feels like he’s living inside the movie, The Thing You Do! He is still having a hard time wrapping his mind around the fact that he went from playing in front of basically no one, to now having people show up to his shows and know all the words to his songs. Birge couldn’t help but look back on when he first got a message from Bones two years and thanked him for his support by bringing him a plaque to celebrate his first number one song.  

One of the biggest honors Birge has received was getting a call that asked him to be on the Little Texas tribute album. Being from Austin, he grew up listening to Little Texas and other Texas based artists like Eli Young Band, who he sings “Amy’s Back In Austin” with on the album. It blew his mind to even be considered for the song because Eli Young Band was one of his biggest influences growing up in Austin.  

Birge said 2024 will be a year for the books for him and his team. He’s going on Parker McCollum's Burn It Down tour and in February an announcement will be made about him joining the biggest tour he’s ever been on.