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A Thousand Horses Share How Their Band Formed Years Ago

A Thousand Horses stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share how they became a band, why they started their own record label, the new music they are working on and more!  

Michael Hobby (lead vocals), Bill Satcher (lead guitar), Zach Brown (guitar and vocals), and Graham DeLoach (bass and vocals) make up the band A Thousand Horses and they have been together since High School. Hobby and Satcher grew up together in Newberry, South Carolina and started writing songs together when they were 15. Shortly after, Satcher’s cousin, DeLoach, joined them after he visited in the summers, and Brown joined the group later. Hobby’s cousins are Chris and Rich Robinson from The Black Crows, so he’d learn from them while his newly formed band began writing songs. The turning point for them was in High School when they won a Battle of The Bands contest and received one-thousand dollars and got to record three songs in a studio. That’s when they knew this was more than just a hobby and started to chase their music dreams at full steam.  

The group celebrated their first taste of success in 2015 when their song “Smoke” went number one. They have since created their own label, Highway Sound Records, so they can release music as often as they want and not have to ask permission. They just want to write and record and put it out in their own time and terms, it’s why they started a band, and they love how it simplifies things. Their new record, The Outside will come out this summer. They’ve released two singles from it, “No News,” and their most recent called “Summer.” The song is about a girl named Summer, but the band admitted she does not exist and there is no one named Summer in their life. It was difficult to explain to their wives but they loved the song.  

Their tour, The Highway Sound Tours, kicks off on March 21st in Madison, Wisconsin and will run through the end of April. For more information, visit

While in studio, they performed their new single “No News,” “Summer” and “Smoke.”