Lunchbox Disappointed By Baby Box Not Hitting Milestones

Lunchbox is getting very frustrated in his dad duties lately. Mostly due to the fact that Baby Box seems to be behind many of the other babies in Lunchbox's life through friends and siblings.

On The Bobby Bones Show, Lunchbox shared that he had a serious frustration after his sister sent a video of her twins, 3 months younger than Baby Box, walking all over the place. He says the twins started walking before Baby Box and they're younger. That alone was frustrating, but then earlier this year, Lunchbox was sad when Eddie shared that his foster baby, only a few months old, was throwing the ball around really well and Baby Box hadn't even gotten one good throw.

Lunchbox confessed that he wants Baby Box to win at everything so the fact that he's losing to his cousins makes Lunchbox jokingly disappointed.


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