Lunchbox Made Some Money Off Coin Appraisal

For the last few years Lunchbox has done the coin challenge where he collects any spare change he finds on the streets, in stores... you name it. Then at the end of the year, he takes all of the money he finds and donates it to a local charity. His collection from 2019 scored him $36 that he gave to Kid Power.

During his coin challenge in 2020, he found a buffalo nickel on the street by his house. He posted his find on Instagram where fans from The Bobby Bones Show told him he needed to get it appraised because it was worth a lot of money. Apparently, certain buffalo nickels are worth a lot of money like in the thousands. But they have to be very old, in great shape, and rare.

Lunchbox's didn't have a date on it, so he thought that meant something good. So The Bobby Bones Show brought on Kyle from Nashville Gold & Coin to appraise Lunchbox's coin to see if it was worth the thousands of dollars Lunchbox was claiming.

Kyle came in and explained that some buffalo nickels can be worth a lot of money, while others are worth just a cent more. After 10 minutes, Kyle appraised Lunchbox's coin sharing that it was only worth 6 cents, instead of 5. No where near the thousands of dollars Lunchbox thought it was going to be worth. Kyle said that the coin is from Philadelphia, which was more common, and without the date on it, it's hard to establish how old it is and if it's more valuable than a normal nickel.

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