Lunchbox Announces Second Baby's Name, Shares Never-Before-Seen Photos

It's been several months since Lunchbox and his wife welcomed their second baby into the world, but the wait is finally over for the big name reveal.

Some of The Bobby Bones Show listeners may know that Lunchbox and his wife keep their babies names and photos of them private so they can grow up and make the decisions for themselves whether to be on the Internet or not. Sometimes Lunchbox will show some sneak peaks of his first child on his Instagram page, but never any photos of his face. Just as he did with his first child, Lunchbox at least shares the baby's name once for the listeners. He revealed Baby Box's name when he was first born and now he's sharing Baby Box 2's name for the first time.

Lunchbox shared the news on Instagram with never-before-seen photos of Baby Box 2. Their second child's name is Maddox.