Lunchbox Passes As Graduating High School Senior For Free Donuts

Since the Class of 2020 is having a difficult time not being able to have their usual senior festivities like graduation and prom, companies have been offering up some free products to any of them that swing by their stores.

One of those companies is Krispy Kreme. The donut chain announced that on May 19th, they would be giving away a free dozen of donuts to any Class of 2020 graduate who shows up in their cap and gown. The curated dozen donuts include some sprinkle-covered chocolate-iced and strawberry-iced donuts along with various creme-filled donuts and some original glazed donuts that have been jazzed up with colorful icing. And if one free box isn't good enough, the company is offering the "Graduate Dozen" box to purchase from May 18 to May 24.

Lunchbox decided to go see if he could score a free dozen donuts through his local Krispy Kreme drive-thru. When he showed up, the employees had no idea what he was talking about (now we know it's not the day of the free donut giving). But despite not knowing, after some conversation back and forth, the employees ultimately gave Lunchbox a free dozen donuts despite the fact that he wasn't wearing a cap and gown. How he passed for a high school senior and scored the free donuts not even on the promotion date will be a mystery forever.