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Lunchbox Called The Cops On Neighbor's Graduation Party

It's a really difficult time right now. There's a lot of safety precautions and guidelines put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some people are following all of the rules while others simply aren't.

Lunchbox was on a walk with his wife and kids in his neighborhood when they walked past a house that was clearly having a massive party. There were signs in the yard to celebrate a graduation and there was multiple cars around the house. Lunchbox also witnessed lots of people not wearing masks. So he thought it was best to call the cops on the party for not following safety guidelines put in place by the city. He called the non-emergency line and they told him that they would send officers out to take a look at the situation.

The Bobby Bones Show was a bit surprised that Lunchbox actually called the cops on the party. They said it's one thing to be frustrated and angry at the individuals, but another to call the cops on them. But Lunchbox says he was understandably angry because he has been following all of the rules and doing the right things, yet there are people throwing parties and not caring about their actions.