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Lunchbox Definitely Believes Spirits Were In Murder House During His Stay

Lunchbox finally went to the Villisca Ax Murder House! After weeks of him mentally preparing for the trip and trying to find someone to go with him, last night Lunchbox stayed the night at the Villisca Ax Murder House with his cousin after a 10-hour road trip to Iowa.

Once Lunchbox and his cousin arrived in Iowa, they immediately went to the house. They went live on our Facebook page twice to share some different moments of their experience. The first Facebook Live was Lunchbox being in the house for the first several minutes, he was walking through all of the rooms checking everything out. The second Facebook Live was after Lunchbox started to hear some noises. He went live with the noises he was hearing and then he did the 20-minute chair challenge, where he sat quietly in the dark at the opening of the attic for 20 minutes, supposedly just as the ax murderer did before he killed everyone in the home.

When Lunchbox called into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his experience this morning (October 21), he shared that he definitely believes there were spirits in the house with him and his cousin. He said during the chair challenge, he heard a bang while it was dead silent. Then he asked them to make the noise again, and whoever it was made the noise again. He even attempted to lay in one of the beds, and when he looked over at the other pillow, there was an indention. Then while they were downstairs trying to sleep, they heard a door slam. At that point, that's when Lunchbox was ready to get out of the house.

Lunchbox did make sure to do all of his tasks that Bobby Bones asked him to do, but wants to share those stories when he's back into the studio. When he left the house, he told the spirits to stop following him and asked them to stay at the house.