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Lunchbox Shocked After Seeing Celebrity Treated Normal at Restaurant

Lunchbox ran into what he describes as a B-list celebrity at a restaurant over the weekend and couldn’t believe what the restaurant did to them.   

Lunchbox was sitting with his wife and kids at a chain restaurant when he saw this celebrity walk in with his family. When he asked for a table they told him there was a wait, so he sat and waited for a table for about 20 minutes. Lunchbox couldn’t believe it because he thought he’d get preferential treatment and would get a table immediately.  

Lunchbox called the restaurant to tell them they need to work on how they treat celebrities. And told the hostess how the other day when he was there, Dave Haywood, from Lady A, walked in and it was unacceptable they made him wait for a table. The hostess said she didn’t know who Dave Haywood or Lady A was, but she thanked him for the advice and said it’d be brought up in their next company meeting.  

Bobby Bones knows Dave and said he would not have wanted to cut the line.