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Lunchbox Shares “Breaking News” About His Remaining 3 College Credits

Lunchbox went to the University of Texas at San Antonio and was three hours away from finishing, but he dropped out. Every time it’s suggested he go back and get his degree; he feels it’s a waste of time.

For years, people have been giving him a hard time about it, so, he started thinking about going back and he called to see if he could re-enroll. But instead of calling his college, he called his High School and asked about the re-enrollment process. He stated that he graduated in 1990 but wants to go back because he feels like he could get better grades now to get into a better college and a better diploma. His High School told him he’s not eligible to enroll because they have an age limit and suggested he go to a junior college. He told them he was going to stop by the school next week and they told him if he does without an appointment he will be arrested. When he was recently in Boston, he took a tour of Harvard University so now he wants to go there!