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Lunchbox Shares Update on His Altima After It Died

Lunchbox shared that his 2005 Altima that died, is back at his house now! He can honk and get the car to start after six or seven times, but it still shakes.  

The mechanic replaced the spark plugs but it’s still making weird noises and shaking. So, they told him he needed a new fuel pump, he replaced it, but it’s still not working properly. The mechanic told him he’s not sure what’s wrong with it and it’s costing him money to continue looking at it, so he’s not going to charge Lunchbox for all the work he put into it, but he’s done working on it.  

Lunchbox got the car towed to his house and he’s going to get another mechanic to look at it to see if he can get a different diagnosis. He’s having a hard time getting rid of the car because he’s had it for 18 years and driven it all over the country. People suggested he keep the car in his driveway so he can still visit it, but it’s time to buy a new car.