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Lunchbox Ran Into Amy’s Ex-Husband & He Dove To Hide From Him

Lunchbox ran into Amy’s ex-husband at the grocery store and made it extremely awkward. He dove and hid from him because he didn’t want to start a conversation and tell him he was on Amy’s side of the divorce.  

Lunchbox was by himself and ducked from him on the ground. When he looked up, he saw his back was towards him, so he walked away. There are no sides to choose from since they are co-parenting together, but he didn’t know what to say to him, so he crept around the store until he left. He doesn't think he saw him.

Eddie has also run into her ex-husband in public and he did the opposite of Lunchbox. He asked how he was and did not say what team he was on. He didn’t feel like it was super awkward, and they caught up. Amy understands how it can be an awkward situation though because there have been times, they have run into each other in public and she’s not sure what to say to him.