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Lunchbox Got DM From Urologist About Botox For Private Parts

The Bobby Bones Show shared a story about how men could now get injections for their private parts to make them plumpier. It’s not FDA approved but it’s a new procedure that is possible for men for $15,000.  

Lunchbox did some investigating to see if any doctors did procedures like that in the Nashville area and he got a DM from a Urologist who used to be on The Bachelorette named Dr. Evan Bass. In the message he sent Lunchbox he told him that he listened to the segment and thought it was hilarious and shared that they do that procedure in Nashville and it’s awesome. If they were interested, he would love to bring a Urologist onto the show if they wanted to make it a bigger deal, pun intended.  

Bobby Bones would like to talk to him to learn more info, but he does not think anyone on the show would get the procedure done. But he shared if anyone did, he would pay them $500. They’re going to set up a conversation with him soon to learn more info!