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Mike D Gives Honest Review of Amy’s Holiday Movie ‘Holiday Harmony’

Amy is in a movie with Brooke Shields called Holiday Harmony that comes out this Thursday, November 24 on HBO Max. She gave Mike D an early screener so he could give a movie review.

Holiday Harmony is a movie about a singer/songwriter trying to make it big as an artist and lands an opportunity to compete in the iHeartRadio Christmas Eve performance. As she heads cross-country, she breaks down in Harmony Springs, Oklahoma, when all her hopes are stalled. She gets close to a man she meets in the town and has to choose between fulfilling her lifelong dreams of becoming an artist or leave the man and the town she’s grown to love behind.  

Christmas movies are Mike D’s least favorite genre to watch. He understands they are supposed to make you feel good, but he finds them cheesy.  Amy plays herself in the movie and Mike was surprised with how much screen time she had and said she did really well! Mike said that even though “Holiday” is in the title, the movie didn’t have a holiday feel to it. It looked like it was filmed in the summer and didn’t have many Christmas looking scenes. For that he deducted points.  

Even the best holiday movie, Mike would only give it a 3.5. He probably wouldn’t have watched it if Amy wasn’t in it, but his wife who loves Christmas movies liked it. The movie wasn’t for him, but if you enjoy holiday movies then it’s for you. He gave it 3 out of 5 alpacas. Without Amy’s cameo, he would’ve given it a 2.5 out of 5.  

Amy plans on watching the movie for the first time with her family on Thanksgiving! She is also on Movie Mike’s Movie Podcast this week to talk more about Holiday Harmony.