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Mike D Details Menu For Christmas Purge Day

Mike D has a very inspiring story of how he lost over 100 pounds. He didn’t do any crazy diet or surgery, he just started walking and eating better. It took him a year to lose the weight, and he’s been able to keep it off for over eight years now. For 364 days he sticks to it, but he gives himself Christmas day to purge. One day of year he lets himself go crazy with food.  

Mike D walked us through his purge day:  

  • For breakfast he has biscuits and white gravy. A stack of pancakes with maple syrup. A couple slices of French toast and then some chocolate chip cookies.  
  • Then he’ll have a snack of chips and queso and a slice of cheesecake.  
  • For lunch he eats a large cheese pizza, some garlic knots with mozzarella sauce, and a slice of pineapple up-side-down cake.  
  • For dinner this year he’s doing an "all sides dinner." He only wants side dishes as the main meal. He’s doing mac n’ cheese, waffle fries, garlic mashed potatoes, his moms stuffing with brown gravy, rice and beans and some Kings Hawaiian rolls.  
  • For desert he’ll do a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  

He also starts drinking a six-pack of beer around lunch time. He rarely drinks beer throughout the year and saves it for special occasions like this. He said at the end of the day after eating all that he feels fine. He wakes up the next morning feeling normal and doesn't crave those foods anymore.