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Mike D Was Interviewed By Several News Outlets

Over the holiday break, like so many others, Mike D’s Southwest flight was canceled, and he was interviewed by several news outlets about it.  

He Tweeted that his Southwest flight got canceled and that he was now going to drive 14-hours from San Antonio to Nashville. That’s when some people from news sources reached out to him and asked if he’d want to do an interview.  

He did interviews with four different news outlets including a zoom interview with Fox 17 in Nashville where he explained how two of his flights were canceled and they were told they couldn’t get a flight back to Nashville until after the new year, but he had to be back in Nashville for the Cowboys vs. Titians game happening Thursday night (December 29.) He explained how other airlines were too expensive on such short notice to book another flight, but he was able to get a rental car. 

Lunchbox has been trying to get on the news for years, so he’s angry that Mike D made the news before him and doesn't think his story is good enough to have been interviewed for.