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Top 5 New Movies To Stream at Home  + Movie Review: Young Woman and the Sea

Mike’s favorite movie of 2023 ‘Godzilla Minus One’ had a surprise drop on Netflix and quickly went to No. 1. In honor of that, Mike shares the best new movies that were released in the last year and are now available to watch at home. All movies have been added recently to streamers and might be ones that you may have missed in theaters but can now experience for free at home. In the Movie Review, Mike and Kelsey review Disney's Young Woman and the Sea starring Daisy Ridley. They share what made the movie so inspirational, the rules on 'spoiling' movies based on history and why Disney is the best at making inspirational sports movies. In the Trailer Park, Mike talks about why the final Venom movie will be a beautiful disaster. Venom: The Last Dance is the third movie in the "Venom" trilogy  and it brings back Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and his alien alter-ego, as they both are on the run from their species. 

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