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Top 5 Final Lines in Film + Movie Review: Bad Boys: Ride or Die + Trailer P

Mike explores the cinematic world of closing quotes and gives his Top 5 final lines spoken in iconic movies. He talks about what makes each of them great, how they each leave you feeling at the end and how a great final line can turn a movie into a classic. Plus, a slew of honorable mentions because Mike went deep for this list! In the Movie Review, Mike talks about Bad Boys: Ride or Die which is the 4th film in the franchise. He gives his thoughts on if audiences are ready to forgive Will Smith after the Oscar Slap, if you need to watch all of the other movies to enjoy it and why the pay difference between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is CRAZY. In the Trailer Park, Mike talks about Smile 2. The movie centers around a pop star dealing with the grinning demonic presence from the first movie. 

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