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Morgan's Blog: Bye Bye Bunny Teeth

The first thing I notice about a person is their smile. Maybe that's because I've always been a little self conscious of my own.

I have really big teeth and when I was a kid I had a SUPER crooked smile which made me look like a bunny, but not a cute one. I'd do the closed mouth grin in all of my school photos because I was too embarrassed to show my smile.

I wore braces in high school and they worked wonders, but I stopped wearing my retainers a couple years ago and my front two teeth are starting to go a little 'bunny' on me again. (Sorry Mom & Dad!)

I'll be honest...I didn't have plans to do anything about it because I'm not one to spend money on this sort of thing, but a few weeks ago I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a girl showing off her straight teeth, saying she didn't have to go to a dentist to get them.

Obviously, I was intrigued right away. I looked into it, and she'd used this company called Smile Direct Club. Literally THAT day I was in their Nashville office getting a 3D screening of my teeth:

I'll add, this IS NOT an ad or endorsement for SDC. I'm paying for my experience with them! I'm only sharing because it has been a good one so far, and more affordable than other options I've seen. Plus, I'm really excited about the end result!

I'll be wearing a new set of aligners every week for the next 4 months, and will update on my progress, but here is my 'before' post of my teeth & problem areas: