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Morgan's Blog: Feeling the Burn

Ever do something you immediately wish you could take back? Yeah, that's how I'm feeling right now.

I was SO excited to head down for a beach weekend last week...but little did I know, I'd be returning home with the WORST sunburn of my life. 

This gorgeous view:

Turned into this not so gorgeous face: 

So the backstory: Day 1 at the beach I had a bit of a bad reaction to the sunscreen I used. Instead of buying more, I decided to go without sunscreen on my face the second day at the beach. BIG MISTAKE! 

The scary part is my face just got way worse as the days passed. My biggest concern (besides the possibility of skin cancer) was if my face would scar.

And it hasn't been exactly reassuring that everyone I bump into does a double take to get a better look at my face. #BurnVictimBarbie

After using some pretty strange remedies for relief, including sleeping with vinegar on my face, I can say I've learned a huge lesson from all this. You only get one set of skin and you better take care of it! 

I don't think you'll ever catch me out in the sun again without proper SPF! 5 minutes of putting sunblock on at the beach could've saved me 5 days of this: