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Lunchbox Completes First “Kill” in Show Assassin Game

The Bobby Bones Show is competing in the game Assassin all because of Amy's daughter.

A couple weeks ago, Amy shared with the show that her daughter and friends have been playing the game 'Assassin,' where they try to shoot each other with water guns. If you get hit with a water gun, you are out of the game. After hearing about the game, the show decided they wanted to have their own game. There were some stipulations put in place like it couldn't happen at any work situation or known common place like Bobby and Eddie's workouts every day. They all drew names, but the only person who knows each person's target is Kick Off Kevin.

Lunchbox was the first to complete his "assassin" duty by shooting Eddie with a water gun outside of his house. Lunchbox knew Eddie's schedule of working out with Bobby every day at 3pm, so Lunchbox knew to be waiting at Eddie's house around 4:30pm. When Eddie got close to his house, Lunchbox was there waiting with his son's friend's water gun.