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Morgan Shares Update on Stolen Boots After Lunchbox DMs Old Friend

About a week ago, Morgan saw one of her old friends wearing a pair of boots she let her borrow years ago in a picture the girl posted on Instagram. They haven’t talked in years, but Morgan wanted the boots back but felt it’s been too long to ask for them back.  

The show gave her some advice, but Morgan allowed Lunchbox to comment on her post from Morgan’s account. Lunchbox also sent her a message from Morgan’s account. Lunchbox’s comment was “My boots like great on you.” He then messaged her immediately saying “When is a good time for me to get those boots back? Pick them up or mail them?” The girl still lives in Kansas, so that’s why Lunchbox gave her an option on how to return the boots. Morgan then took Lunchbox’s access to her Instagram away. She was aware of what he was writing and let him send the messages. It took her about 30 minutes to get some feedback from the girl. She saw that she read the message, but never replied. 45 minutes later the girl blocked Morgan.  

The show determined that now that she blocked Morgan, she officially stole the boots.