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Morgan Claims To Have Taken The Best Photo In Studio Ever

Morgan claimed she took the best photo in the studio ever during the Dierks Bentley interview last Friday (Feb. 24).

The picture is of Lunchbox playing a crossword puzzle on his laptop while Bobby Bones is interviewing Bentley in the background. He’s fully invested in this crossword puzzle with his head down, not paying attention to what’s going on during the interview at all.  

Lunchbox defended himself by saying that for the past 10 years, every Friday morning conversation that would happen with an artist, Bones is the one doing the interview and never asks for his input, so he just chills and plays games on his computer. He also said he does crossword puzzles to stimulate his brain and it’s something to do other than scroll on Facebook to pass the time. Eddie called him out and said he sees him complete one during every show. To start contributing to the interviews more, Lunchbox came up with the idea that he can ask the artist one of the clues in the crossword and see if they can help him solve the crossword.  Bobby Bones doesn't hate the idea and they are going to start trying it.  

See Morgan's picture above!