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Morgan Shares 3-Month Update on Relationship With Man in Uniform

Morgan and her man in uniform have been dating for nearly 3 months now.

She shared with The Bobby Bones Show that things have been going so well and she still doesn't have any red flags for him. She said he still continues to bring her sunflowers and has cooked and cleaned for her on some date nights. Also, Morgan has a trip coming up and she is having him watch her animals, which for her is a huge deal because she doesn't trust a lot of people with them.

Morgan added that they went to Swiftie Lauren's wedding together, and he will be going with Morgan to her sister's wedding in July.

Lunchbox still thinks he is lovebombing, but Bobby said that can't be the case at this point with the consistency. He also brought back up that he was done for a few weeks of their relationship, that's when Morgan revealed for the first time that while he was gone he wrote her letters.