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Morgan Witnesses Wild Incident On Airplane

Morgan was flying back from her sister’s Bachelorette party this weekend and witnessed a woman acting crazy on the airplane.  

Whenever Morgan gets on a plane, she puts on her headphones and keeps to herself. But she had to take them out because she heard so much commotion going on behind her. They had just finished boarding and were getting ready to take off when a woman started creating a scene because she wanted to switch seats with a child so she could sit next to her husband. She was on Southwest so she’s not sure why her husband didn’t save his wife a seat next to him. Her husband was by the window seat and a kid was next to him in the middle seat and the kids' father was in the aisle seat. The woman started throwing a fit and tried bargaining with everyone trying to get someone to switch seats so she could sit next to her husband. Morgan then heard the flight attendant say, “You’re a grown a** woman, you can sit without your husband.”  

They were able to get someone to switch seats so they could sit together and as her husband was getting up, he apologized to everyone for the commotion. The Bobby Bones Show blamed the situation on the husband for not saving his wife a seat. There is no rule about saving seats on a Southwest flight, but they agreed it’s an unspoken rule that you can only save the seat next to you. Lunchbox once tried to save six seats by placing books and magazines on the chairs, but people were not happy about it and moved the items.