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Morgan Experienced Scuba Steve’s Inner Ghost With Creepy Light Situation

Morgan thinks ghosts follow Scuba Steve around after she witnessed a weird light situation with him! 

She was in a hallway and Scuba was running around and all the lights flickered and followed him wherever he went. It wasn’t happening to anyone else, and the lights only flickered when he walked by. Scuba shared that he thought it was weird because while they were there, he had a vision of his grandfather because his grandmother is not doing well and is in hospice. There was a Marshall Amp that he was playing with and noted that his grandfather’s name was Marshall so all these memories of him came up and he got emotional so he’s wondering if it was his grandfather. Scuba didn’t see or feel anything but thinks the flickering lights might have been his grandfather sending him signs to help him feel better about his grandmother. Morgan thinks it was a ghost following him and believes in the signs!