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Morgan Has Etiquette Question While Making “The Tour” With Man In Uniform

Morgan is meeting her boyfriend, “the man in uniform,” friends and family so she’s been going to a lot of different houses and events. When she goes to someone's house for the first time, she always brings something and has brought a bottle of wine, a plant and dessert in the past. He mentioned to her that he doesn’t think she needs to keep bringing gifts because they are just inviting them over, so she wanted to know what the proper etiquette is.  

Bobby Bones shared he thought it was a great gesture, but that you don’t need to bring something every time you’re invited someplace. Amy shared that she should bring something, especially if it’s the first time she’s meeting them, because it will also help make her feel better, and the more you hang out with them, you won’t need to bring something every time. Lunchbox thought it was stupid to bring a present to someone's house unless they asked you to bring something for a dinner party. Morgan’s going to continue bringing gifts for the new friends she meets to show appreciation!