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Morgan Nervous About Doing Maid of Honor Speech at Sister’s Wedding

Morgan came to the show asking for advice because she has to make a big speech in the next few weeks.

She is the maid of honor at her sister's wedding and with that comes making a speech at the reception. She's been in lots of weddings and attended even more, but never had to give the big MOH speech so she's getting nervous as the day approaches. She did research online and there were so many lists of dos and don'ts that now she feels overwhelmed on what she can say.

With Bobby's expertise at speaking in front of people, he gave her a few tips that will actually help. Some of his advice included don't go too long, limit the roast, and don't go on about inside jokes. He also said if the first joke or roast doesn't hit, then give up the others and just share a few memories. He also suggested not being drunk before, but that she can go ham after the speech.

Amy agreed with Bobby, suggesting not to go too long and to read the speech out loud a few times to know her own cadence and pace. Lunchbox disagreed saying that the speech shouldn't be "goody two shoes" and should definitely include embarrassing stories and some roasts. He also said it's ok to be drunk because then it will be more fun. Eddie encouraged Morgan to just have fun with the speech and don't think too much about it.