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The Power of Herbal Medicine

Amanda welcomes Megen Mundy, a seasoned herbalist, and proud owner of Austin’s oldest apothecary shop, The Herb Bar, to the show today! Megen shares her profound insights in the world of herbal medicine demystifying its ancient wisdom and empowering listeners to connect with their bodies on a deeper level.

Megen shares her personal journey having explored various SSRI medications and anti-anxiety treatments and feeling disconnected to her body while living in a “fight or flight” state. Feeling drawn to holistic alternatives to combat her anxiety and depression without side effects, Megen discovered that plant medicine provided a unique bridge between mind, body, and spirit. 

Our bodies are telling us that the work, grind, hustle mentality isn’t working and people are seeking alternate ways to live their lives. There is a curiosity in thinking about what your life could be like versus just following what society has said is the golden standard of happiness. 


Ask yourself: 

What do I want my life to look like? 

Is this lifestyle really working?

Can I move into something more aligned that makes me happier? 

Do I want to work this much? Do I want to go into an office every day? 

Is this food really nourishing my body? 

What boundaries do I want in my life? 


By tuning in to our bodies and intuition, we raise our frequency and consciousness. The relentless pursuit of “getting it all done” loses its grip as we learn to take life one step at a time.


Check out some of the remedies discussed: 

Herbal Teas 

Sweet Mimosa Grief Potion  

Saffron Flowers

Marshmallow Root

Milky Oat Tincture 

Trace Mineral Drops


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