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Solar Flares, Energetic Shifts, and Quantum Leaps

The sun is unleashing massive solar flares which have triggered extreme weather patterns - aurora borealis, tennis ball sized hail, tornadoes, and more - and you better believe it’s changing the electromagnetic frequency of the planet and having an effect on our bodies & consciousness. 

Solar flares are like stem cells for the soul: they are upgrading us and most people are experiencing it in our physical bodies - via extreme fatigue, disrupted sleeping patterns, or challenged areas in the body. We are sensitive beings and this energetic shift we are going through can be causing energy levels to swing high to low, or feeling motivation or creativity swing in and out of view. 

We are in a period of significant consciousness upgrades. Energy is accelerating at compounding rates and it can be confusing from a linear perspective to digest things. We are experiencing a tremendous amount of change and turmoil - it can be deep and spiritual, physical and physiological, emotional:


Is it going to get easier? YES 

Are we at a new baseline and new norm? YES 

Is it confusing? YES

Are our physical bodies and our realities changing? YES


Breakdowns and breakthroughs are happening simultaneously so grounding, being present, being clear, and using boundaries are super important. If you haven’t listened yet, check out last week’s episode about grounding: The Root Chakra and Boundaries.

Use the Delta state, the programmable state of brain frequency, to re-program while you ground: 

Today I declare…

A fantastic afternoon



Being in the right place at the right time


Radical healing in my physical body 

Miracles over my day 

Things will be easier 

Peace over my life 


Where is your opportunity? Being grounded, being still, and doing practical things: 

How can I take this one step at a time? Use Amanda’s favorite 4-6-8 breath cycle as you inhale & exhale through your nose for a physiological mental reset.


Inhale 4, hold 1, exhale 4

Inhale 6, hold 1, exhale 6

Inhale 8, hold 1, exhale 8

Inhale 8, hold 1, exhale 8

Inhale 6, hold 1, exhale 6

Inhale 4, hold 1, exhale 4


Feel a difference in your physical and mental emotional state. 

Catapulte over your fears. Where can you make a quantum leap? Bust up a fear pattern and lasso the fear with the infinity of the 8. Heal and minimize your fears so you can expand your faith, happiness, health, wellbeing, and consciousness. 

You are here to grow and bring in light - take a little time (consistently) to build something big into reality and leave this place better than you came into it. 

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