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Recognizing Signatures of Your Higher Self

During your personal growth journey, you’ll encounter moments of disconnection—times when you feel detached or out of body. These are akin to spiritual growth spurts, as your entire being realigns and recalibrates. Know that everything is interconnected, so when you feel a physical ailment, search for the meaning in it (a great resource to check out is The Encyclopedia of Ailments and Diseases by Jacques Martel). 

Consider that disease might be your higher self’s way of getting your attention. When faced with suffering or pain, ask yourself: 

- How can I extend grace to myself? 

- What lessons lie within the experience?

- What deeper meaning can I extract? 

Translate your pain into profound understanding; your higher self reaches down to lift you up, and reinvigorate your spirit. You are resilient, strong, and capable.

When you have a big decision in life; a karmic juncture presenting itself to you and it feels like a call to action in your soul, there is no “right” or “wrong” decision to be made. Take notice:

- Does it feel aligned?

- Do you feel resistance?

- Does it feel like you will be denying a part of your soul if you choose one option or the other? 

Sometimes you aren’t ready to change your behavior or take the leap, and we find ourselves taking karmic turns that drain our life force. These repetitions serve as important lessons, to help reinforce alignment with our heart’s desires.

When you’re in a heightened emotional state, it can be difficult for your higher self to get through, so your higher self communicates through other people’s sound, clear judgment - people who can get your attention when your higher self can’t connect with you directly. When you hear the message that needs to be delivered to you (no matter where it comes from) your whole body registers it and you’ll feel the wisdom, clarity, and truth, from your higher self coming through. 

Recognize the signatures of your higher self. Create code words, symbols, or signals to establish a playful connection. Turn skepticism into curiosity, allowing unseen truths to emerge. Working with your higher self expands your soul and enriches your life. Follow its call—it leads to a more blissful existence.

As you prioritize your happiness, your love and joy ripple outward, impacting the world around you. Your well-being matters, not just to you but to others as well. Your higher self is always there to pull you up higher and brighter but your job is to reach, ask, and pull it down into your reality. 

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