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WATCH: Episode 10 of ‘Too Much Access’ With The BYU Cougars 

On episode 10 of Too Much Access, Bobby & Eddie took a visit to Provo, Utah and spent the day with the BYU Cougars football program.

After catching a flight out early in the morning, the guys landed and got straight into field drills with long snapper Austin Riggs and Punter/Holder Ryan Rehkow. 

Austin taught Bobby and Eddie how to hold a ball when attempting to long snap before having them attempt some snaps themselves as part of this episodes challenge. Following the drills, Austin and Ryan talked about some of the mental challenges they go through after failed field goal or punt attempts. 

After spending some time with the players, the guys sat down with BYU head coach, Kilani Sitake. Coach Sitake talked about being a former player, how he dreamed of playing for the Cougars while growing up in Hawaii and beating Bobby’s Razorbacks earlier this year. 

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