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WATCH: Too Much Access EP. 17 - Arkansas Men's Basketball

On episode 17 of Too Much Access, Bobby and Eddie went back to familiar territory when they visited Fayetteville, Arkansas to spend the day with the Razorbacks men’s basketball program. 

The guys hit the court to talk with senior Khalif Battle and talked about his highest scoring game, what he would think if the guys showed up to try out, and much more before going through some on-court drills. Khalif is known as a jump shooter so he showed off some of his mid-range game before taking them through his favorite play.

After hitting the court with Khalif, Bobby and Eddie sat down with head coach Eric Musselman to talk about the motive behind taking his shirt off after big games, the biggest differences about coaching in the NBA and NCAA, and why Kobe Bryant was the toughest guy to game plan against. 

Bobby and Eddie also found a rack of basketballs on the side of the court and decided to have their own 3-point contest! And the winner credits a certain piece of his clothing for the reason he got the W. 

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