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WATCH: Episode 18 of 'Too Much Access' With Indiana Pacers

On episode 16 of Too Much Access, Bobby and Eddie were in Indianapolis to visit the Indiana Pacers! 

The guys had a chance to sit down with former first-round pick, Myles Turner. The Texas native talked about some of the toughest matchups around the NBA for him, why he loves to play for the Pacers, and where his love for assembling Legos comes from. Turner also took Bobby through drills on the court, including how to back down a player and using the jab step to your advantage!

Former Arkansas Razorback legend, Jannero Pargo is now an assistant for the Pacers and took the guys through some basic drills… that didn’t seem so basic. Coach Pargo also talked about being on the bench and how he deals with fans who tend to say unnecessary things to their players during a game.

Bobby and Eddie also got a full workout in with Pacers assistant sports performance coach, Andy Martin. After taking them through a warm up, coach Martin went through some typical lifts he does with the team before having Eddie & Bobby compete in a 1 on 1 on a rogue bike to finish the workout. He also talked about the importance of recovery and stretching, something Bobby has been working on a lot lately. 

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