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WATCH: Episode 20 of Too Much Access with Auburn Tigers Men’s Basketball

On episode 20 of Too Much Access, Bobby and Eddie visited the Auburn men’s basketball program to sit down with legendary coach, Bruce Pearl and one of the best players in the SEC, Johni Broome.

Forward Johni Broome hit the floor with the guys to teach Bobby how to throw the perfect alley-oop before talking about his highlight clips for social media, and why they complain to the refs after being called for a foul. Johni also taught the guys how win at the perfect ‘jump ball’ before lining them up to put his coaching to the test. 

They also sat down with coach Pearl in his office where he talked about the support Charles Barkley gives to the program, how people think they know more about coaching than he does, and much more! 

Bobby’s trainer, Kevin Klug also came on the trip and the 3 played a game of knockout to see who would be victorious! They wanted to see if the mentee could become the mentor. 

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