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WATCH: Too Much Access at Oklahoma State Softball

On this episode of Too Much Access, Bobby and Eddie were in Stillwater, Oklahoma to spend the day with the Oklahoma State Cowgirls softball team. 

The guys hit the field with numerous players before getting some lessons and chatting with head coach, Kenny Gajewski. Coach talked about why his program and coaching style isn’t for everyone, talked about nicknames, and much more! 

The guys stepped into the batter’s box to take on pitcher Lexi Kilfoyl to see if they could get a hit off her. After multiple attempts, Bobby finally made contact while Eddie was seeing his life flash before his own eyes. 

Coach Gajewski and some other players hit the field with the guys to work on turning a double play, their footwork, and catching a short-hop at first base! The guys were put through a gauntlet of workouts and now have a much better understanding of the grind these players go through on a daily basis. 

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