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TMSG: Police Department Throw 8-Year-Old Surprise Birthday Party
TMSG: Texas Deputies Discover 'Suspicious Bag' Full Of Kittens
TMSG: Farmers Stay Silent During Auction So Man Can Win Back Farm
TMSG: Chick-fil-A Worker, Good Samaritan Saves Choking Customer
TMSG: Police Support Lemonade Stand After Old Kids Steal Earnings
TMSG: Firefighters Lend Hose To Help Family Fill Pool On Hot Day
TMSG: 90-Year-Old Man Sends $50 To Mayor For Stealing Stop Sign
TMSG: Delivery Driver Goes Above and Beyond To Make Boys Dream...
TMSG: Family Reunited With Dog After She Went Missing 3 Years Prior
TMSG: Off-Duty Officer Helps Children Out Of House Fire
TMSG: CountryTime Paying Fines For Kids Operating Lemonade Stands
TMSG: Tourist Purchases Ambulance For Small Town He Visited


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