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Amy's Son Really Wants To Be Police Officer

Amy's Son Officer

Amy's son Stevenson is at the stage in life where he's finding role models and people in his life who he may want to be like when he grows up. That could just be a fun friend or a person with an awesome career. It happens to be the second one for Stevenson, he's really obsessed with police officers. They've always been so kind to him so he naturally wants to be just like them.

Anytime he sees a police officer out on the streets or with his family, he likes to go up to them and ask if he can get into their car or play with one of their toys on their belts. They were out to dinner when Stevenson saw a police officer eating and then saw his car out on the street still running. He got very concerned about the situation, but it turned out to be a learning situation. Listen above to his cute passion for police officers!