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Amy's Son Will Be In Bobby & Caitlin's Wedding As The Ring Bearer

Yesterday on The Bobby Bones Show, Bones revealed some more details about his wedding to fiancé Caitlin happening this summer.

While talking about the wedding cake and dinner taste testing, Bones shared how wedding planning was going. He shared that Caitlin is in charge of most wedding things. One of the big details he revealed was who was going to be in the wedding. He shared that Amy and her daughter will be in their wedding as part of Caitlin's bridal party. Amy will be a bridesmaid and her daughter Stachira will be a junior bridesmaid. They have not shared who else is in the bridal party or who will be Bones groomsmen.

Today (January 13), Bones wanted to add that Amy's son will also be in the wedding. He's going to be their ring bearer. Bones and Caitlin gifted him a really nice pair of sunglasses that he could wear during the wedding. Amy shared that he recognized how nice and important they were, so he asked Amy to keep them safe until the wedding.