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Amy's Daughter Stole Extra Food From Bobby & Caitlin's Wedding

Bobby Bones and Caitlin's wedding was filled with many exciting things. From Ronnie Dunn performing "Neon Moon" to Dan + Shay performing the couple's first dance song, there were so many great moments during the evening. Amy's daughter Stachira had a particularly favorite moment that involved the food.

Food at weddings is always fun because it typically showcases the couples favorite dishes or food items. Bones and Caitlin had steak, mashed potatoes, and vegetables for their main course for the wedding guests. Stachira admitted to Amy that the steak was the best she ever had. So when she spotted a steak sitting next to her that no one was going to eat, she took the opportunity to get it for herself. She used one of the cloth napkins and wrapped the extra steak in it. Then took the wrapped steak up to Bobby's house and placed it in Tupperware.

When the wedding was over, Stachira grabbed her extra steak from the fridge and took it home to eat the next day. Though what she did was stealing, it was all laughs on the show.