Morgan's Blog: BINGEWORTHY S-Town Podcast

I started listening to a podcast mini-series over the weekend called S-Town. It's a 7 episode true-crime series from the same producers of Serial. 

The story takes place in Woodstock, Alabama...AKA "S*** Town." 

I'm 4 episodes in, and I'm itching to finish it!

To set the scene, a man named John B. McLemore reaches out to Brian Reed, a New York based reporter, to tell him there's been a murder cover up in his town that something needs to be done about.

When Brian gets to town, a whole other story line unfolds around the whistleblower John B. and his crazy-complicated life. 

Being from a tiny town myself, I found the people in this story and the happenings of Woodstock so relatable...but with a lot more drama. Without spoiling who, I'll tell you this. While Brian is investigating the alleged murder...someone else dies. DUN DUN DUNNN!

Listen to the podcast on iHeartRadio: