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(Mon Early Bird) Daytona 500 Winner William Byron Details Going To College While Racing NASCAR + Who Is Our Mentor? + Mailbag: Husband Attracted To Babysitter

Best and Worst Movie Recap with Mike and Kelsey + Movie Review: Dune Part 2 + Trailer Park: Wicked

Mike and Kelsey return to talk about the best and worst movies they’ve seen for January and February. They talk about the rough start to the year for movies, why everything is bombing and the small bright spots with their favorite movies so far. In the Movie Review, Mike talks about Dune Part 2. He gives his thoughts on the visuals, how it had more action, why it might not be for everyone and where it stands on being better or worse than Part 1.  In the Trailer Park, Mike shares why he is oddly excited for Wicked this Thanksgiving. He breaks down the cast, visuals and plot for those who have never seen the musical like him. 


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SUNDAY SAMPLER - The Nashville Podcast Network (3-3-24)

In this weekly series, we share highlight clips from the past week of five podcasts on The Nashville Podcast Network- The Bobbycast, 4 Things with Amy Brown, Sore Losers, Get Real with Caroline Hobby and Movie Mike's Movie Podcast.  You can listen to new episodes weekly wherever you get your podcasts. 

Find them on Instagram:

-The Bobbycast- @bobbycast

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-Sore Losers- @soreloserspodcast

-Movie Mikes Movie Podcast- @mikedeestro

-Get Real- @GetRealCarolineHobby

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This part of the podcast is just the best 7 bits from the show this week that Morgan counts down from 7 to 1. You’ll be able to listen to them uninterrupted with just a few intros!

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Best Bits: Listener Q&A With Morgan and Amy

Morgan and Amy answer listener submitted questions! Morgan shares shoutouts from Felipe, Scott, Katie, and Clint. Kicking off, Andrea and Sarah want to talk about self-care and body dysmorphia. Then Christine, Katie, and Lauren want to hear about Amy’s kids. Wrapping up with Amy’s biggest challenge in her life right now from listener Syria, the TV cast they’d want to join from Jennifer, and Amy’s current favorite version of toast thanks to listener Sara.

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Best Bits with Amy: They Admit The Weirdest Things The Internet Has Made Them Do

It’s Best Bits time! Morgan and Amy discussed their lives lately including events around Country Radio Seminar week, and things they recommend watching. Then Morgan needs Amy’s advice on if something she saw is a sign or a coincidence and they talk about the “friend” they are in their friend groups. And of course, the weirdest things the Internet made them do!  


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5 Signs Your Food Struggles Actually Have NOTHING To Do With Food (Sign #1: Obsessed Yet Unresolved) (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Ever feel like you're stuck in a never-ending loop of thoughts about food, your body, or your weight?

Join us for the first episode of our  series 5 Signs Your Food Struggles Actually Have NOTHING To Do With Food, where we delve into the perplexing phenomenon of spending countless hours fixating on these issues, yet still feeling utterly unfulfilled. 

We'll uncover the open loop in your mind, where the absence of a to-the-root healing strategy perpetuates the obsession. Tune in as we explore why your subconscious knows there's more to the story, and how to break free from the cycle once and for all.


Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

Leanne Ellington // // @leanneellington

To learn more about re-wiring your brain to heal from the all-or-nothing diet mentality for good....but WITHOUT restricting yourself, punishing your body, (and definitely WITHOUT ever having to use words like macros, low-carb, or calorie burn) check out Leanne's FREE Stressless Eating Webinar @

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(Fri Full Show) Keith Urban Recalls Time He Got Booed & It Resulted In Him Getting Fired + Has Anyone Been Afraid Of Bobby? + Raymundo Final Sam Hunt Update

Keith Urban stops by the studio to talk about his new music and recalls a time he got booed and it resulted in him getting fired from a gig and more! Then, find out if any of the show members have been afraid of Bobby! Plus, we share the final update if Raymundo is going to hangout backstage with Sam Hunt...

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Things We Regret

Does anyone else have these deep thoughts when they're driving? Who else finds it crazy that we trust so many people with our lives? Scot Pollard got a new heart in what has been a pretty crazy story. Chiefs Kingdom has been called upon to support one of their own and we talk about things we did when we were younger but now regret them. 

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(Fri Early Bird) Easy Trivia + Fun Fact Friday! + Mailbag: Do I Have To Give My Dad A Chance?

We play a new round of Easy Trivia! Plus, we share some new fun facts to start your weekend. Mailbag: Listener found out he’s going to be a dad. His biological dad reached out and wants to be a part of his life now. He wants to know if he should give his dad a chance to be a grandpa?

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